I'm not a "Yoba"

  As the ground crosses the threshold of the south door they feel a sensation cross over them. Radcliff crosses through the door a few times but feels nothing else, but he does notice something with the rest of the party. All of their weapons have changed, what were once pieces of metal affixed to wood are now metallic rods with a few buttons on them. Everyone is confused until Grillbar presses the button and a shimmering green energy forms into the shape of a blade. Bobos realizes that her bow is now gone and has been replaced by a pure black musket. Grillbar says it’s lucky they found these strange weapons. Confusion ensues when Kermit says that they have had these weapons the entire time. After careful interrogation the adventures begin to realize something has happened. They are suddenly confronted with technology unlike anything they had seen before, Kermit telling them of space ports, and planets, calling Grillbar a yoda and Grrunnarr a wookie. The party is certain they h

10 Feet

  Heading out from the stash of artifacts the party delves deeper into the complex. Passing through a few winding tunnels they are in another coffin filled room. Opening it up they find more skeletons, also timebrowned but less decayed as there are a few bits of old fabric still undecayed on the bones. Grillbar scavenges a few bits of the cloth, turning a small purple section into a headband. Suddenly Dungifer can detect something, not sure if it is second sight or detect evil he is deeply aware that there is something heading down the hallways towards the group. He communicates this to the party and they all get in position. A moment of silence passes. Dungifer casts a blessing on Bobos. A brown skeleton hand suddenly reaches out from the darkness and soon it steps out into the light, and straight from the bow of Bobos an arrow sets forth straight and true, going directly into the knee of the skeleton shattering the bone. The skeleton screams in pain, sounding like the echo of brash b

Eating Glue

  Having just ran off the scaled fiends the party continues upon the path, they pass by an air shaft and down into the a dead end of collapsed cave.  Heading back they are interrupted by a sense Dungifer feels under his feet of danger, as the group starts discussing what it might be a giant red ant bursts out from the floor, attacking Dungifer! While in the grasp of this giant beast everyone tries to act quickly. Grillbar attempts to stab with his trusty polearm and Bobos with deft skill quick draws her bow, but the hard chitin armor of the ant is too strong. Dugifer calls upon Ildavir and paralyzes the attacker. Looking below he sees many more ants and calls once more upon his goddess and turns them all! The group makes great haste to flee and find themselves out of harm's way. After going southward the party takes a quick break to catch their breath and talk over their plan. They head into the mine proper out of the creekbed they have been exploring and into the excavated mine. R

Giant Flying Lizard Men Laden with Malice and Maces

art provided by Dungifer's player As the party redescends down to the 6th level of the dungeon they decide to head south in hopes of going deeper into the dungeon but find themselves at a dead end. All hope is not lost as the dead end they find themselves at is laden with gold ore. They make a note of these riches and head north only to find themselves at yet another dead end, but this time free of riches. Heading westward in hopes of finding a way south they find themselves in the natural creek bed they had been exploring earlier but this time head to the north. With the second sight of Dungifer they are altered to a danger up ahead. Grillbar goes forth alone. While that is happening bobos attempts to cast both magic shield and armor of grass but is unable to bring either to fruition and loses them both for the day. In the cave up ahead Grillbar is unable to see anything with his infravision but hears sounds of reptilian hissing back and forth, planning to spring an ambush Grillba

Respecting Women so Hard

  The party descends the elevator to the lowest they can go, the 6th level of the mine. They head northward in the tunnels until they reach a bricked up wall. Dungifer feels through his second second there is a woeful force behind the wall so they decide to leave it be despite their curiosity. They begin wandering about until they come in contact with a natural formation of the cave intersecting with the tunnels. They follow it southward until they come into a large room that is damp, they realize that what they had been walking in was a dried out stream bed. There are two options: either go towards a passage that is above them tangent to the cave or continue on the dried streambed. They continue on the streambed until they begin to trek upwards, after a few twists and turns and the breaking down of a brick wall Dungifer felt safe around the adventurers find themselves in another elevator room.  The party is two torches deep. Radcliff sees a locked double door and opens it with skill t

Fire in the Hole

  The adventurers panic and prepare for a fight, a big hairy beast with fangs bearing a sword wound appears from the darkness. Bobos attempts to cast prismatic wall but in her fear she is incapable of performing the correct arcane hand motions. Dungifer keeps steady and unleashes a bolt from the blue, 5 streams of white hot fire come forth and strike at the beast. It is driven stark raving mad by the divine. Grrunnarr sweeps in and with a mighty punch to the head knocks the beast to the ground. Radcliff comes over and slits its throat making sure the job is done. The party recoups as Grrunnarr identifies the beast as a cave troll. The party shudders recounting the horrible tales of torture surrounding cave trolls. The party is one torch down. As they make their way deeper into the dungeon they find a man trapped in a prison cell: Kermit the Curious, master illusionist. He has not had any food or water in three days and is desperate to get out. Radcliff easily picks the lock as second n

Two Little Guys in the Glory Hole

Having befriended the bigfoot the adventurers delve deeper. After forging down the hallway they were in they arrive into an abandoned room filled with lots of mining supplies, there are carts overturned in just the same way there were in the room where they encountered the blue cretins. Dungier ushers in a blessing on Grillbar as everyone prepares to fight once more.  Flipping the cart prepared for a tussle they are met with two of the blue cretins giving big puppy dogs eyes. One of them says “please don’t hurt us, we are just little guys”. The other chimes in “we have no malice in our hearts we were just playing a game, come on”. Bobos the Fool Sorceress protests “You stabbed me in the back”, and then Grillbar decides the time for action is now. Using his pole arm he lunges for one of the blue things, it dodges and cackles with delight screaming “Oh so you have chosen death!”. Dungifer swings forth with his mace, taking the head clean off of one of the blue pests, it clashes into mini